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My Bio

Originally from Waterloo Iowa, I started playing boxed set DnD around about the time I saw Star Wars the first time. Played with the neighbor kid, I died a lot. Continued Gaming from that time thru first year or two of college. Submitted artwork to Dragon in the late 80's and early 90's, got rejected alot,dissapointed, I finally quit gaming all together or spending money on TSR products. (Guess the Joke's on them eh?) Recieved the 3.0 books for Christmas/Birthday 2000 from in-laws as joke gifts. Started playing on WW/SSS server Fangsfall during Christmas vacation. Shortly after that encountered Bill then Clark who encouraged me to send them some writing which was later used for RA 2 and 3. Inspired by Demon-lords to try my hand at some adventure writing. Gen Con 2001 was introduced to the Trolls by Bill Webb. Got very drunk with the Trolls St. Patties day 2002 in Vegas at Gamma Con. Resultant drunken fumblings resulted in the birth of my daughter near Christmas 2002. To Date I have authored, co-authored, or had work printed in the following products: Blood Royal, Raise the Dead, Aberrations,Winter Runes, Vampires and Liches, Book of Familiars,Tome of Horror 1-3, Feast of the Gobbler (Ennie Nominated),Players Guide to the Wilderlands. Wilderlands of High Fantasy Boxed Set. Temple of Kubla Khan Convention module, Tomb of Kubla Khan Convention module. Soon to be released. Bards Gate, City of Brass,and a plethora of Castles and Crusades products.

My Occupation

Art Educator/Freelance Author/Thrall of Orcus/Herald of Tsatogga/Trollish Whipping Boy

My Hobbies

Making concept illustrations, painting miniatures, heinous maim and torture of player characters, x-box games, chatting,watching movies,spending time with the wife, watching my daughter grow.

My yuku Posts

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